endziel lyrics – rage nucleaire

jihad begins in earnest
with the taking of a p*wn,
then a retaliatory strike
slicks the ground with blood

black p*wn’s white neighbour to the front
is taken down, to be avenged by a knight
the following moves involve more p*wns (being)
slaughtered by knights on both sides

bishop takes p*wn and p*wn takes p*wn
by way of return;
the next move brings something feminine, something
as black queen takes a white p*wn,
and a white tower crushes a black p*wn in a skirmish
further on…

there is only murder among us:
may it always be so

this is manson’s “helter skelter”
on an altogether different scale

p*wn kills p*wn,
then bishop kills p*wn,
then bishop kills p*wn

knight takes
last p*wn…

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