ego-shooter lyrics – kissin’ dynamite

i want it, i need it, so i’ll make sure i seize it
my cross line will see it, crash bang
i always beat it
cold booze and hot lovin’
is what reloads my power
i’m sorry, dear darling
already have my sights on you
close – up view

they call me ego-shooter
i’m shooting for the thrill
i’m an ego-shooter
the living overkill
like an ego-shooter
infinite fire mode
call me ego-shooter
’till you are off the road
i’m an ego-shooter

new highscore, no fair play
my joystick moves the right way
babe, don’t you believe me?
join in and play my mad game
next level, on reset
i want you maiden targets
i see you, you feel me
i’m sure you just want me to score
this means war

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