educated idiot lyrics – all

i recognize the pieces but
i don’t know where they fit.

to *n*lyze the universe to bits.
i know exactly just enough
i know all there is to know
i’m all messed up, nowhere to go.
about nothing at all.

ask me my address i can’t recall.
it’s my fault.

i don’t know.
i’m an educated idiot.
i’m smart enough to know

i know how an engine works
i know where old zealand is
i don’t know how to drive.
but i barely know my left feet from my right.

i’m not sure if i fit.
i recognize the species but
to *n*lyze the universe to bits.
i quit.
we know exactly just enough
smart enough to know

an educated idiot
i’m an educated idiot
sure is good to know
i’m not alone.

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