eazy chapter 8 verse 10 lyrics – eazy-e

(alright go)
this comes from the e chapter 8 verse 10 and it reads
its time to put some n*gg*z in check
when you shoot a gun hot sh*lls eject
catch’em they get used as evidence
only when they get brushed for finger prints
you ask why am i like this?
cuz you wanna hear about sh*t like this

so i tell it how i know it just hope the f*ck i dont show it
n*gg*z out frontn lottering and looting.
lets recreate a drive by shooting
more brothers in a car blocks away
waiting to spray, shotgun, mack10 and an ak
they roll thru to a line of n*gg*’s
it was 9 just like tha f*ck they figured
go around tha corner come back real slow
lights off, cars in neutral, rolln at a snails pace and creepn
hoping to catch all of them sleepn, a so called gang, drugs and s*x
start busting a cap and all tha others jet, 3 of’em fall to their doom
pronounced dead at the scence, with gun shot wounds
3 dead cuz compton is scanless.
i’d like to tell ya brother, ashes to ashes, dust to dust (amen)
daaaaaaaaa, daaaaaaa, daaaaaaa
(you will now witness tha sound of?)(we will now p*ss around tha
(thats good enough)no it aint, you f*cked up, you f*cked up (its cool)
it aint

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