eat it up lyrics – trey songz

i’ll eat the p*ssy up
show a real n*gg* how it taste.
beat the p*ssy wit a rough face.
tongue doin’ tricks on her,
way before i put the d*ck on her.
givin’ face on a jetway
now, a n*gg* need a neck brace.
say she ’bout whateva, n*gg* get ya b*lls licked.
f*ck her face harder, cause she gorgeous.
make that *ss clap, so a n*gg* can applaud it.
bring that *ss back, bet trigga gone walled it.
p*ssy eater on the scene, only if the p*ssy clean.
i’ll beat the p*ssy up, only if the p*ssy mean.
i get her addicted, only if the p*ssy feen.
baby, i’m a s*x king.
think about it when ya sleep, eat the p*ssy in ya dreams.
show me ’bout ya mouth.
say she from new orleans, baby show me ’bout the south.
i’ll kiss it in the kitchen, lick it on the couch.
hit it in the bathroom, baby show you bout the house.
p*ssy n*gg* missin’, give a f*ck about ya spouse.
all these p*ssy n*gg*s only wanna show you bout a drought.
and ye’en even ’bout that.
blow that p*ssy down like a loud pack.
suck the spot so hard, once i found that.
put it here, right here, where my mouth at.

i’ll eat the p*ssy up up up up up up
i’ll eat the p*ssy up up up up up up
tell me it ain’t sweet as f*ck, f*ck.
so i’ll eat the p*ssy up up up up up up.
i’ll eat the p*ssy whaa!

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