dues to the dolmen lyrics – hexvessel

inspired by the words of carol batton
for niklas at les chaumieres de kerimel and his ancient
stone neighbours. thank you!

holy holy holy old friends
rise sphinx-like
ancient megalith
whispered strangers breath
coats the cold circ*mference
tricks of the light wind wind kite style
the sunpipers shadows solo and riff their discords
flap tap the frogs in the gr*ss gorge
uninvited eyes size
and scan up the solitary canopy
minerals shimmer all
to bear witness and to be witnessed
gather the modern-day druids
air-conditioned polyester pilgrims
folding fabrics fizzle in the wild woods
souls drawn and magnetized by old stones
abandoned churches within the great church
a door within a doorway
our home is outside
housed where the globe appears to rest on a pine
your voice like rain echoes like rain echoes like rain
howl through the barrows ohs ohs ohs
stone skeleton – spill your spells, secret intentions
a pause on the tape with no reset or rewind
play b*tton transmits two minds
back to summer smiles
and dues to the dolmen…

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