drunk man talkin’ lyrics – south park mexican

ain’t no love (in the heart of the city)

why the f*ck do i wake up with a beer in my hand? and
burnt finger tips from the roach that i had, it’s a mad
more cash more worries
i got my moms house and made it three stories, i’m
tryin to live life like i’m supposed to be
but don’t, don’t stand so close to me
i’m a lone star rider i ride alone
if u test me i f*ck off that maricon
it’s the spm
see more p*ssy then lesbian
still a killer from my skin to my skelaton
jealous men
ya’ll softer then jealaton
i sip medicine
with more led then zepplin
i fight for the ones that standin in prison
they say i gotta big head, must of saw me p*ssin
here come the police but this time they ain’t knockin
this is verse one of a drunk man talkin


i feel happy for the happy and sad for the sad
i’m a member of the club that never had no dad
no money no food
i got room for desert mom
and by the way the beans and rice were da bomb
so we made it mom
i’m so glad that you proud of me
sorry for the throwin that b*tch over the balcone
i promise not to do no more stupid sh*t no more
but i chip the hands of men that want me 6 below
bein brown ain’t easy mom i’m loosin my mind
the only n*gg*s i got beef with is my own f*ckin kind
are you happy that i ain’t sellin dope no more
and that these crack heads ain’t knockin at our door no
and that i don’t walk around with a gun no more
and that the neighbors ain’t talkin bout your son no
you showed me it’s the little things that make life
only god knows the sh*t that i put you threw


i can’t forget about the day i buried my friend
i could’ntbelieve how quick his b*tch got married again
we went from playin freeze tag to playin to tag
throw gats, blow hats, old shacks with mole rats
and a little bit
f*ck money cause it ain’t sh*t
you need enough for a 40 and a ciggarette
i sit here in this camping truck
with a ateness for grape in my stanley cup
ain’t no love and ain’t no peace bro
i’m just tryin to get my slice of the pizza
man, like martin luther king
i gotta dream
i just wanna see the f*ckin wetback on t.v
like a.b.c or n.b.c
or c.b.s or f*ckin m.t.v
i ain’t n*body special man i’m just like you
all i do is blow brick and bang d.j screw
i love u my n*gg*


(i’m just a drunk man talkin)

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