drawn and slaughtered lyrics – signal the firing squad

dear god, i pledge allegiance,
our hour is now at hand,
turn living into mulch and organs,
and crush there bones to dust

we ; the fowl stench of sickness covering this earth,
us ; the last before extinction

i’ve waited so long for this hour

civilisation’s limit has been exceeded,
mother earth gagged raped and beaten
rotting and decaying becoming a dead planet
infertile no chance to survive,

i’ll cut the tendants and force you to run
your cranium will be crushed and discarded
along with fluids that you excrete
none of it will go to waste
this is the victory i taste

drawn and slaughtered,
suspended by hooks,
skinned alive and left for dead

this earth shall die,
and disappear from existance
from all history.

brought into this world,
near an open *ss,
filthy f*cking c*ckoroaches,

i’m here for the ones,
i love and trust the ones,
who i’ll never turn my back on,
the ones i know wholl never think of themselves

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