dramatis personae lyrics – dakrya

a theatre with a never-ending plot
these curtains never seem to close…
a tribe that covets for a horrible show
and kill each other upon the first role…

soulless puppets clap your hands
the great architect enters…

“that motley drama- oh, be sure
it shall not be forgot!
with its phantom chased for evermore,
by a crowd that seize it not,
through a circle that ever returneth in
to the self-same spot,
and much of madness, and more of sin,
and horror the soul of the plot.”
{e.a.poe – the conqueror worm}

come along, come along!
we wish to entertain your sloth…

we are the sorrow,
we are the dark side,
we are the fools,
we are the human kind!
consider all the aspects…
play your role right!
you are the fool,
you are the human kind!

upon the stage of a theatre that is called “life”,
we wear the masks of humanity
and we pr*nounce our names!

my name is drama, my name is light!
my name is wisdom, my name is mine!
my name is fear, my name is kind,
my name is juggler, my name is lie!

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