dragon millenium lyrics – frostmoon eclipse

through fallen seasons of thousand centuries
i shoot myself into oblivion
i’m awaiting your breath on my skin
so my heart will turn black

let my dragon come back
feel the power from his black skin
a dark caress of life
a symphonic chant of eternity

at the end of doom the pain never ends
but your long awaited peace is far away from here
n*body can change the time has come
n*body can hear this illusion made sound

under fallen shapes of burning clouds
i still feel pure hate and pain
see the red skies on this twilight
the death is free to come!

i’m beaten by his power
dragon millennium comes out to scream
he’s devouring the sh*r*s of time…
…i praise his gloomy signs

under the dark of his wings
devouring human’s creed
on the earth his rest alive
…until his last sigh

dragon millennium

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