downfall lyrics – die apokalyptischen reiter

glory of creation blinds me
i see light
you see it dark
order of life defines me
traveling on long lost ark

your tears and pain crush my perfect world to pieces
values left within me
leave me indecisive

i choose the fall
the rubicon has been transcended
through mists and darkness immortal existence ended

my wings are burnt to ashes
i choose to walk beside you among the ghosts and chains
that bind in chaotic nightmare – peace i’ll find

earth, the blazing torment
dark descends onto its surface
we now share eternal sadness
heaven through pain, our purpose

tears from stone cold eyes as i know realize
perfect world is reachable only through suffering

child of light cries as the order dies
choose to walk among you all
walking the pain of downfall
downfall i choose to walk among you

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