down lyrics – ezra furman & the harpoons

what the f*ck do i do all day laying in bed
caught in a web of desire
what the f*ck can it mean all the noise in my head
hanging my heart on a wire

lost and found and lost again
making daddy proud
got my tongue all caught in my throat
trying to tell you i’m down

the 46th floor has a beautiful view
but i’m living down in the bas*m*nt
and i got no reception so i can’t call you
and you can’t call me so we’re even

leaving town with nothing left
making daddy proud
how can a man get anything done
feeling this way? i’m down

listening to records about high school and girls
caught in a meaningless circle
strangled to death by your ropy gold curls
watching the sky–turning purple

all the drugs didn’t do me no good
i’m sick of non-stop anesthetic
and i want the world to remember my name
but i know you’ll probably forget it

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