down but not out lyrics – naysayer

ask nothing from me – i’ll ask nothing from you
you’re nothing like me – i’ll be nothing like you
different morals – different ideals – different truths
with my friends by my side – i know that i’ll make it

i may be down – but i’m not f*cking out
no matter what this life throws at me – i’ll stick around
i know i’ll make it – i can’t fake it – this is all i got

the choices that i’ve made
have made me who i am today
no easy answers – i learn from all of my mistakes
can’t live life on my knees – wondering why
i’ll keep on fighting – i know i’ll survive

i’ll survive

i may be down – but not out
won’t be defeated – or pushed around

i may be down – but not out
this f*cking world – won’t break me down

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