doomed to be lyrics – invocator

horizons, i seek thee
bring forth my ecstasy
the tempters touch too strong for me

as i flow into the ocean
that brings to life emotions
far beyond control of mine
… embraced the curse…

p*ssion… come to me
attraction… my motivation, grace

like skies collide, two souls will writhe
in the ultimate harmony
upon my skin, unable to give in
for his almighty ecstasy

to stare into the face of death
set the animal inside me free
to experience the unknown
i shall be doomed to be

as i sank into the ocean
distinct from my emotions
i lost my life down in the sands

breeding sin, blossom within
you chose my lethal fate
countin days to my breathings end
dark winter enters me
… revenge!!!


and on this last day
i cry for release from my
dormant of pain
shackled i lie

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