doom hollow lyrics – pantera

you hear rex’s b*ss?
answer me ya hear the f*ckin b*ss?
on the cowboys from h*ll alb*m,
we gotta song called domination…
were gonna cut that motherf*cker in half…
i wanna see everybody break there neck, in here!
1 2 3 jump!

(dadada dadada…)

cuts to hollow

lets go!

he as hollow as i alone,
sh*ll of my friend just flesh and bone
theres no soul
sees no love
shake my fist, skies above!
mad! at god! mad!

he as hollow as i converse,
wish he’d waken from this curse
hear my words before its through
want to come, after you!
my! best friend! my! best friend right here…
jump back!

thats f*ckin bad *ss!

thank you…

1 2 3 !

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