don’t you dog me lyrics – fat boys

prince markie dee’s rap
now baby listen to what i have to say
and if you don’t want to i’ll say it anyway
now i once had a lady she was so fly
she was my girl and i was her guy
now i loved that girl with all my heart
but little by little she would tear it apart
i’m talking $10 here $100 there
she wasn’t ashamed she’d ask me anywhere
she was one of those girls who didn’t give a hoot
and tore my heart from the vine stem and root
then i met you and you met me
now you’re the brand new ms. markie dee
and all i ask is that you treat me right
through every lasting day and night
and i’ll give you what you want
and in the right way
and there’s one more thing i have to say
don’t you dog me
(human beatbox barking)
kool rock-ski’s rap
i’m kool rock-ski the dominating mc
master of disaster
the chief of the east
a lime to a lemon
a lemon to a lime
i’m the mc with the fresh rhymes
and when i’m on stage and ladies screaming for me
cause i’m the capital k known as kool rock-ski
better than best i’m mc successor
when i’m on the mic i cause a disaster- go!
(you know i love you-u)
(because i’m in love with you)
(i am the human beatbox)

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