don’t rip the beast’s heart out lyrics – vader

i hold the light
forever cherishing in darkness
i was touching stars
giving them gleam and might
and i was betrayed

angels sent by the greed of the god
impaled all my love and faith
my proud wings now burned and shattered
acid tears in my eyes

but lord in his l*st
just opened my chest
with smile on his face
took my bleeding heart out
i cried

i raised h*ll
by fire and death
my grief turned to wrath
no empathy, no sympathy
now beast is free

killing, destroying
out of all control
punishing this d*mned world
i see red

“to feel” means “to kill”
all tears on my face
just dried up forever

blinded by anger or poisoned by greed
remember my words
never rip the beast’s heart out

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