do we belong here lyrics – wall of the eyeless

welcome to the here and now.
running from the gentle claws of sleep.
i’ve walked through fire
and too many things stroke me deep.

the lights are out. can you see the ashes in the snow?
you can go through so much more than you can think.
on the road again, but not sure, where to go.
my thoughts for you will be gone when i’m out of ink.

i’ve rolled like a stone from the hill
and crawled up again.
i’ve been forced to lie, i’ve been forced to kneel
and i nearly thought all was in vain.
i’m tired, but i won’t sleep.
i don’t want to watch my life fade away.
i will stand up, fall, crawl and creep.
but forwards – here i’m not going to stay.
will i burn out and rot away?
i’m trying not to be broken by fear.
will someone remember my name?
i don’t know. but now i’m here.
…still here.

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