distant as the stars lyrics – gordon cormier

g. cormier
is this the last time that i will kiss you
or hold you like i’ve done so many times
or will things sort a fall back in their places
like before when i thought all your love was mine
and is this the last time that we’ll be lovers
is it to late to find out what we could’ve had
these feelings that i have for no other
were crushed and my heart is growin’ sad
you don’t know how i feel that’s why you ask me
if i really know what my feeling are
lord i wish we could’ve made it one step farther
but now my chances are as distant as the stars
i don’t think that i could ever forget you
you stole a place in my heart and left a scare
but i still love you even though you don’t want me
i guess it was never written in the stars
(chorus twice)

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