disfigured lyrics – cannibal corpse

repulsion of beauty drove me to hunt
a frenzy of self hate possessing me
violated their bodies, stripped of their pride
tortured and twisted until they have died
hatred inside is all i would find

i despise what i see in the mirror
sadistic hateful sc*m
i kill them but it’s myself i hate
now i’ll do myself too

a straight razor will reshape my face
first my ears then my nose
blood is gushing, continue to carve
erase the face i hate

now i’m hacking at my chest
a frenzy of self hate possessed me
controls my actions, controls my thoughts
as i scr*pe away at my skin

i fill my tub, with alcohol
i plunge into the burning pool
the pain intense, my whole body
is drenched in scalding liquid

despite my pain i am able
to grab a lighter on the counter
the flint ignites, the flames erupt
i’m consumed in the inferno

my skin is charred
more loathsome than before

i despise what i see in the mirror
sadistic hateful sc*m
the abomination before my eyes
a reflection of me

i see an image of disfigured evil
i’ve skinned myself alive
dripping with blood and blistered by fire
the face i hate erased

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