devils and gunsmoke lyrics – brotha lynch hung

brotha lynch hung
devils and gunsmoke
yeah, straight from the m*th*f*ckin duece
it’s the brotha lynch hung once again, ya know what i’m sayin
and all i see is m*th*f*ckin devils and gunsmoke, ya know
but i ain’t gon’ trip, i’m just gon kick some sh*t for y’all m*th*f*ckas
so peep this out

n*gg*s better always know
for y’all so-called devils and gunsmoke
walkin through the duece
ya got, better eat, no joke
livin life like a m*th*f*ckin criminal
watchin my back from gettin jacked by the 5-0
one-time peepin a n*gg* out
a couple a dank sacks in my d*ckies
ol’ english in my mouth
ya know, and if it wasn’t for my m*th*f*ckin skin tone
i wouldn’t even trip, just strike my black *ss home
even if i had a chrome
i bust two caps and head home
hopin to hit fools right in the dome
’cause all i see is devils and gunsmoke
p*ssy and hoes, and h*lla blood when my nine blows
a young n*gg* on the rage, rampage
twenty-four years of age with a 40 and a 12-gauge
and then a m*th*f*cka change
baby killin *ss n*gg* and ain’t a d*mn thang strange
a m*th*f*cka sold juice, bulletproof
known to eat a p*ssy and put a gun inside of it and shoot
a n*gg* wit’ a mind so bad
close my eyes, and all i see is little bl**dy babies in a glad bag
n*gg*, manson ain’t sh*t
i got n*gg*s killin mamas and n*gg*s on the devils d*ck
but now it all adds up the this, locc
n*gg*s hatin god and all i see is devils and gunsmoke

yeah, you know what my drunk *ss father told me
he said ‘look little n*gg*, you have to run your own m*th*f*ckin life’
and i was trippin, ’cause this m*th*f*cka had a gun to my m*th*f*ckin head

it was about 12 o’ clock, somethin don’t smell right
i’m in the hall in the middle of the night
somethin reekin like sweat, drippin off a burnt up pig
muthaf*ckas in the crib, crept through the hall like a thief
fiends a fiends, and cocaine smoke n*gg* no-name
folks run in the crib, you know the situations tore up
my homies sellin dope to my folks but you know what
i don’t give a f*ck no more ’cause i’ma blow up
usin all the fury inside to make some more cuts
’cause all i see is what?
black m*th*f*ckas walkin ’round tryna’ found out what’s what
smoke up, but all i see is threats
swear if i see anotha m*th*f*cka i don’t know
in my crib, i’ma shoot him in the neck
pimp respect for a m*th*f*ckin vet
causin anotha n*gg* death
do a little time for a sl*t
shoot before i get shot, playin fools like a half deck
’cause all i see is devils and gunsmoke
i say that ’cause i don’t wanna claim and end up like x-raided
you know i gotta eat if i eat ya, see if i see ya
shoot up, then i’m on my way
’cause my mama used to say, it ain’t a hoax
because n*gg*s are hatin god and all i see is devils and gunsmoke

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