desparation blues lyrics – agans craig

the ceilings are low and the floors are high
i can’t think it backwards i can’t even try
much ado about nothing i fear this will be
i once planted a rock, it washed into the sea..
a name on a page, a smile in my mind
sometimes my dreams can be real unkind
which came first? the chicken or the egg
what should i do now, should i borrow or beg?
it’s needless to say i’ll take what i get
but there’s not much to see and there’s nothing to bet
forever is long, need i say more?
but bein’ here, darlin’ is never a ch*r*..
it’s not that you give, less than you receive
of whatever it takes, to make me believe
you say monkey see, i say monkey do
whatever it takes to get next to you..

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