demonic lyrics – diabolical

the sun has died – the world is on fire
relentless demon, satan -sp*wn -s*m*n
crucified – inverted cross
blood and gore i gave you
now you’ve come back for more

the soul has died – the skin is on fire
endless torture – evil -pain -pleasure
vomified – inverted guts
blood and puke i gave you
now you’ve come back for gore
and more – rotten to the core

h*llraiser – set to ruin the world
trying to break down the strong
destroyer – living a life in the past
it’s time to prove you all wrong
why should we believe that you are different, improved
a liar, like the rest of us – until proved

incinerate – terminate
watch all sinners burn in h*ll
incarcerate, disintegrate
i cut your wings and down they fell

armageddon – let me burn

blasphemy, sodomy
entrails flowing endlessly
i cut you up, f*cked you up
jesus, wh*r*, monstrosity

armageddon – let me burn

h*llraiser – set to ruin the world…

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