delilah discovered her neverland lyrics – one sense too much

yet i float with felicity on a nerve,
for i have seen you more than just your curve.
a stage below the fame and shame.
abound of burlesque queens in shades.
how abrupt are those testosterone panics.
arouse sweetly on lap dances’ manic.
overexpose every hidden inch of skin of thine.
tonight we hollow these bottles and gnaw our devils
encrypting all religious morals inside.
our osseous framework bodies, may us drown in wine.
drown in wine.
we owe none sins from god, dear divorcees.
so fold thy senses into enigmatic origamis.
share me a taste of what you have learnt since you have
ended here.
as we both perspire alcoholic sweats in a seat comforts
of cashmere.
endowed of l*st and luscious kisses.
we ov raindrop on roses.

/ one sense too much lyrics