delicious! lyrics – jim backus and friend

f: ooh, we’re gonna have fun
j: yes

f: it’s a cozy table, isn’t it
j: and champagne, my dear, hee hee

f: mmm, delicious, ha ha
j: you like it, hmm, ha ha

f: mmm, delicious, ha ha
j: hee hee, i like it too
hee hee, yes, i do like it

f: mmm, delicious
j: ha ha, you want some more
f: mmm, delicious, ha ha
j: i knew you’d like it, heh heh ha

f: delicious
j: have some more, get the waiter
and put on the paper hat
get out the lampshade
i even like the cork

j: waiter, waiter, more
keep pouring it
every night’s new year’s eve
waiter, every night
we’re gonna do this

j: i don’t care, lose the job
what you gonna do scooba dabba doo
oh, champagne

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