degenesis lyrics – human error

born as a failure, no system or solution,
the illegitimate product of evolution.

hack the senses and purge the mind.
genes and data intergrate and bind.

dentient constructs overide and multiply,
feed me with life so i can never die.

feed me with life so i can never die,
feed me with life.

sshattered minds re-emerge into one collective
stolen thoughts, using remote minds to think and

it floods my thoughts, it makes me whole,
the growing cl*ster, the virus in my soul.

ccircuitry lines now feed my mind,
my corroding eyes emit light and shine.

ressurected branches of mind,
combined, refined, mankind is re-defined.

seperated from flesh and bone,
reproduced models of my clone.

i see the world reborn in reverse.
i see flames tear across the skys

and once more you fail me.

an echo resonates through the corridors of time,
extracting every mind to converge to mine.

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