deep trouble lyrics – neon hookers

i have the power of life; to give and to take away.
i raised atlantis just to watch it sink again.
i had power.
i had life.
i had it all.
the world in the palm of my hands.
this is the end of everything, i f*cking swear.
turn on the radio.
drive on.
i am a train wreck.
just watch me burn.
our scars are trophies that we show off to the world, each a story of its own.
break your chains and get free.
head for the hills.
once you’re here for too long, you’re never heading back.
born in the city of champs.
no future.
we’re just born to die.
no matter what’s been said.
no matter the blood that’s been shed.
no matter what the odds.
i know we’re… we’re just born, born to die.
deep trouble.

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