deborah conway’s nightmare no.347 lyrics – deborah conway

deborah conway
standing like i am all these feet above the crowd
trying to figure out another way to get back on the ground
i didn’t mean to cause a problem didn’t mean to lose my way
but now i’m standing on this ledge having a pretty bad day
i’m getting so dizzy when i look down at the street
i don’t like my chances of landing on my feet
there’s a fire truck siren i hear it far below
all i need is scalpers selling tickets to the show
and of course i’m embarr*ssed
of course i’m unprepared
i’ve probably got no clothes on
and my mother’s probably there
who knows how it happened it’s a mystery to me
all of a sudden i’m delivering ‘to be or not to be’
i got the cops on a bullh*rn trying to keep me calm
while a guy with a straitjacket causally looks on
i was never really worried until i heard the sound
of an ak47 firing off a couple of rounds
now i’m basically a shy girl who doesn’t like a scene
but oh my god they’ve called in the marines
welcome to my nightmare
welcome to my nightmare
oh yeah
and then on a&r man suddenly appears
wants me to be a dance queen to further my career
“baby you’ll be famous you know i could moke you rich”
then he vanished in a puff of smoke and left me feeling sick
in the meantime what had happened
was i thought that i could fly
so l grew myself some wings and threw my body to the sky
i never knew what hit me i didn’t see a thing
’twas a 747 en route to peking

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