deathbearer lyrics – yearning

plae lights are fading for final times in my eyes
for soon i realize i may never awake again
shapeless figures crying for the dawn
‘ cause a cloack of the night has drawn
to make it seem like there’s deadends in every way
and the absence of a light of day
makes the world of a screaming creatures ruin
for a day and night are alike

i saw you there wandering in the fields your final journey
and now when everything just had to go this way
and you’re not here with us anymore
i do not know what i should say or do to make it now undone
i just could not know it would remain a last sight
of you alive

embrace the endless sleep and let your nightmares go away
when gloom spreads it’s wings
there won’t be another day

i bear it everyday for memories will remain
struggles within our sight until the coming night

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