dear abby lyrics – dead kennedys

dear abbey,
got a problem. i’m a decent, underpaid hardworking county coroner.
it’s important that my family eat meat at least 3 times a week.
but we can’t afford to with the prices the way they are. so i bring home choice cuts
from my autopsy subjects. just mix in the tuna helper… and ta-da!

the whole family thinks my new meals are delicious.
they ask me what’s my secret. abby, i think they are getting suspicious.
my smart *ss 8 year old keeps asking,
“where’s all the meat? the red dye #2 kind that’s kept in the fridge”
if they found out the truth i don’t think they’ll understand. abby, what do
i tell my family?

dear reaganomics victim: consult your clergyman. make sure
the body is blessed and everything should be just fine… just fine

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