day of wrath lyrics – decimator

when you live the great war
hatred is the only way,
executing the oppressed

violence is the tool of the trade,
the divine taste of pain,
legions marching into terror

you must feel the cold of fear,
crave the stench of decay,
shade of death is near

see the madness in my eyes
be prepared to the sacrifice,
day of wrath is near

human race is laid to waste
and their savior will not come
seas are red with blood
the only truth is death

prepare for war, with the crust of decay
we feed the serpent of chaos
human dissection of skin and blood
is made by hungry soldiers

funeral winds bringing hate and despair
under the shade of devastation
no reason to fight this war that cannot be won,
see the traces of destruction

terror spree
endless d*mnation
landrowning in chaos
final war of extermination

face the truth
embrace the lies
prepare for sacrifice

face the truth
embrace the pain
prepare for genocide

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