dawn of megiddo lyrics – celtic frost

humilated in human form/we have to die to be reborn
awaiting the final judgement/the dawn now lifts
subjects of flesh/slaves of l*st
the cross has failed/you won’t see the coming fall

a diviner’s fire and soil
flames, like flowers, like blood
fires of freedom, flowers of doom
a surface of hateful hope

oh subjects of pain
lovers of death
you will feel
the yearning flames

flames like tongues – like cries
pant for kisses – for bites
seven steps – and we’re one
humilated – in human thoughts

the frost, it bites/your inner heart
frozens the flame/ln every eye
the lord will come/broken ice
the fire will burn/gleaming ways

well never be reborn
prenatal death’s redeemed (our lives)
(into his hand) we demand our hearts
the lord and we are one

/ celtic frost lyrics