damned and dead lyrics – centurian

question the laws of righteousness
unchain yourself from white
invert the cross of calvery
dead forever is the light

i laugh at bible words
and curse lord god in it
filthy are his servant slaves
criminals in sin

they lack the skill of thinking straight
or are they without thought
they stubbornly claim to know
for jesus brings salvation

will they never learn
the satanist will show them how
will they never learn
a th*rn – crowned dog will burn

away with the wh*r* of nazareth
away with the son of sickness
i am not of a dying god
whose words flow like blood from his mouth

i swear to satan’s crucifix
i swear to the beast 666

d*mned and dead is what they all are
on their knees in front of their lord
all in line for flesh and blood
all indulge on jesus christ

chant the hymns of misery
scream unto the pale carc*ss
praise him without any reason
thank him for all he never did

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