d.y.n.a.s.t.y lyrics – darius da dynasty

the meaning of that is the princ*p*l of being fly

(verse 1)
da d is 4 damage of what darius can do 2 u
like my sick flow it like a disease 2 u
it just contangeous just like da pink eye
yea i’m fly
yea wit da sic flow u kno how we ride
now da y is 4 y u tryin my flow
i u wanted 6 bars and there u go
u think this is skool this aint ur abcz
i’m just tellin u wut dynasty means 2 me
i don’t care wut it means 2 u
u prob don’t think the same as i do
kuz da word u spittin is juss like poo
boo lol


(verse 2)
da n 2 me is how nasty my flow is
i juss made u throw up 5minutes b 4 this
it’s so nasty u threw up my bars
now dez wordz had u scared
now da a is 4 da angel i can b
i’m can b such an angel that stevie wonder can c
tht angel i kno is watchin me is my sis man
4 a minute i though we was part indian
da s is 4 self goin which i wut i am
i push foward like dem cats in makin da band
tryin 2 get on my grind
and keep a good state at mind
anotha word for self goin is independent
like webbie and boosie that’s wut i am i meant it


(verse 3)
da t in this is 4 technique
now as far as u heard u boi is sweet
my lyrics will rip u up like a pack of meat
shout 2 my boi eman yo rest in peace
dats who told me stay on mii grind
not every once n a while but all da time
last but no least y is 4 your next generation
watch out 4 me on ur local radio station
cuz now i’m a legend in da makin
now i’m done tellin u wut it meanz
so witout fur or do ima say dueces beez

(chorus) x3

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