covered with fire lyrics – carnal forge

you’re so sick but you’re not too much
don’t worry, you are not alone
now i got you, we’re ready to crush
i can’t slow down, f*ck slow down, do it!
cut yourself up, slice your arm into f*cking pieces
watch your blood cover the wall, do it!
i command you to burst into pieces

i want to cover you in fire
you’re doomed to die in h*ll, and i’m in h*ll

in the darkest part of the human brain
you’ll meet your creator,
i sure would like to join you, but i’m already dead

come on, don’t be scared
but i do eat fear, and i puke fire

now when you’re all covered in fire
you can join me in this b*st*rd feast
but when you’re in, you can never get out
you have to obey and i know you will

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