country roads lyrics – celtic folk

country roads
g em
almost heaven, west virginia
d c g
blue ridge mountains,shanandoah river
g em
life is old there older than the trees,
d c g
younger than the mountains, blowing like the breeze.
g d em c
country roads, take me home to the place i belong
g d c g
west virginia. mountain mama, take me home,country roads.
g em
all my memories gather round her,
d c g
miner’s lady a stranger to blue water.
g em
dark and dusty are painted on the sky
d c d
misty taste of moonshine brings tear drops to my eyes.
em d g
i hear her voice in the morning how she calls me,
c g d
radio reminds me of my home far away.
em f c
drivin’ down the road i get the feeling
g d d7
that i should’ve been home yesterday,yesterday.

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