counting down the days lyrics – witch hunt

counting down the days until the end of time
bid farewell to this beautiful world
bow my hat to those who tried
to make a difference with strong convictions
i’m sorry to report that your efforts were denied.

bury your values
lay your goals to rest
this plot is reserved for you
in the graveyard of stillborn dreams.

beneath the rubble lies the remains of hundreds of
food and medicine out of reach 1.5 million under siege

40 hours a week i hear their cries
tired of lying to them and saying it will be alright
your father’s gone, your mother tried
a child’s extended hand is pushed aside

bury your values
cremate your hopes and dreams
the sun does not shine in the graveyard of defeat

beyond the numbness you will find
thousands of children crying
for a future fallen between the cracks
gone and never coming back

us funded air strikes
40 years of turmoil
occupying. undermining.
minimizing. dehumanizing.

between the lines the pages drip
with a million tears
counting down the days
until they no longer live in eternal fear.

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