corporal jigsore quandary lyrics – berzerker

excised and anatomised, deviscerated disarray
the torso diverged with pride
deftly amputated, evulsed limbs now defunct
the trunk imbrued, tatty stumps used as lugs
for a chondrin puzzle so quaint
head and body decollate
a heaving m*ss so quiescent…

scattered and scrambled, your teas*m*nt grows
– a bl**dy caricature to make whole
a squirming grisly jigsaw, detrital fragments fit so snug
– that missing piece will leave you stumped
totally dis*ssembled, nicely sliced and diced
– a human being this once resembled
real cranium teaser, carved from flesh and bone
– so mystifying…

battered and diffused with placating blows
– a human jigsaw to make whole
a sequacious pattern which once fitted so snug
– joining together each dubious lump
ravaged dis*ssembly, neatly cubed and diced
– a cold mannequin once re*ssembled
astute brain teaser, incorporate flesh and bone
– so mortifying…

an incessant game – methodically made
with each c*mulative piecing – of commensated meat…

bi-manual reconstruction, eldritch problem complete
a convened effigy
a pathological toy, each chunk rigorously
inter mortis locking, as you pathogenically rot
such a perplexing task
to fit the remains in the casket
uliginous mess so quiescent…

(lead: human jigsaw by w.g. steer)
(lead: a heaving organic puzzle by m. amott)

an incessant game – methodically made
with each c*mulative piece – of commensated meat…

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