consumed – 13 knots lyrics – ringworm

i’m consumed, you’re consumed
they’re consumed, we’re all f*ckin’ consumed
and still with no mercy for you
13 knots bring the fairies
opposed by the heartless god
whispered winds say
“spit in the face of the b*st*rd child”
deny all the things that you’ve been taught
and the bitter thoughts that my heart knows far too well
and i’ve touched the face of god
and it is cold, it is dead
and the face of god is dead
and i’ll save you
from the things that you saved me from
i’m gonna take your life in cold blood
and i’ll give you a taste of h*ll
are my ways catching up with me?
the things i feel and the things that i see
there’s more than one way i can hurt you
don’t think i’m done when i’m not through
little friends with bent halos
and the bitter thoughts that follow where i go
we are gods if we are heartless
drink his blood and p*ss on that b*st*rd’s corpse
when it’s tied in 13 knots

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