comprehension is overrated lyrics – letlive

bewildered unbridled you’re granted one touch
of course it’s not all what it seems
i look down at the hand of sin or what you may call it
at these hands that will never burn clean
ms. understood now you take a look,
because things aren’t as clear now are they?
mr. everything’s good you
practice this skill like every single day
i’m ok, i practice this skill everyday,
and i’m ok in an everything’s f*cked kind of way

ready, aim, liar

the pen is mightier than the sword, so these words are
better to kill you with
these words cannot be stopped, for if they were
i wanted a decent funeral, six feet under in my ebony
take the silver lining and wrap it around your neck
words are expressive so when i say “bang” you’re dead
and when i say please
you’ll love me, and when i say stop it means that i’ve
taken enough

i’ll destroy your path(to)logical lying
as long as you explain this to me,
i’m sure i won’t mind dying on my own

words expressive say bang, words expressive say stop,
words expressive i love you
…i loathe you
…i f*cked you

this static communication, this broadcast radio trans.

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