compound pressure lyrics – bile

i am the sc*mbag that you want to kick,
because your girl – she sucked my d*ck.
frustration eats you from inside,
knowing i got a piece of her hide.
so we laugh at you as i’m flying the c*m,
i’m the home wrecker and the damage is done.
your little sl*t, wh*r*, wife won’t be the same,
you make her c*m – she screams my name!
compound pressure!
you have no power, i devour.
i got a big fat c*ck and i shot her face,
swallowed my sp*nk with no disgrace.
did her doggy style up her f*cking *ss,
bile style – bl**dy and fast!
let all my friends dog her when i was through,
she was thinking of you when she f*cked my whole
i’m the lowest motherf*cker now that is true,
but i f*cked your woman to get back at you.
compound pressure!
you have no power, i devour.
you ain’t nothing, how does it feel?

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