complex mind lyrics – sight of emptiness

who i am? who we are? where i’m from? do we have a soul?
things that are unknown inundate my self strange
sensations are part of me now i feel the end is near and
you’re coming with me immerse our minds on a state
without fear no longer mine… my goal was to find out
far beyond my control segments of my life, that i can’t
recognize. became the obsession that keeps me alive!!!
your paradise… my h*ll prelude to death is what i can
slemm is there something i need to know? something that
will save my soul!!! frustration will erase it all… and
i will be gone!!! complex mind force blinded soul
i, i own all your sensations ecstasy sets me free the
excitement will stand forever hypnotized by my words…
paranoia will eat me alive deadly terror… i cannot
forget morbid thoughts come to my mind my purpose has
reached and end.

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