colostomy bag asphyxiation lyrics – visceral disgorge

slice open the bag, the stench makes you gag.
inside lies a diarrheal surprise.
pulled over your face you now get a taste.
forced to consume your own bodily waste.
your bowel movements shall be your buffet.
wretched stench, baptized in excrement.
tie the bag around your neck.
mouth open gasping for breath.
inhaling triggers gag reflex, all you get is a mouth full
of sh*t.
feces dripping down your chin.
mastication of your defecation.
taste those steaming t*rds as you’re forced to swallow
hot stool.
eat it, i’ll make you eat it.
eat it, you’ll f*cking eat it.
perpetually getting hit while choking on sh*t.
your face is turning blue, as i smother you in poo.
your lungs filling with liquid sh*t slowly asphyxiating.
gurgling on vomit and faeces, your air supply is
anoxia sets in.
you little f*cking b*tch now suffocate in sh*t.

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