colonize the inhumed lyrics – decay

fetid copro, repulse
dissected, mutilage
abhorrent, scalpel, carnage
stenching, rancid bowel juices
mixed with deep red and dark p*ss
excrement and cranio decorated, blastomed phallus

inducing nausea, causes vomiting
sickness awaking reek

in the dusks, sights of necrocannibalism
reek of sh*t, faecalized
morbid molestation in the bl**dy hole
l*stful stabs around the c*nt

sodomized, f*cked, raped and defiled

bl**dy mush, splattered with sperm
blasphemous enjoyment of gore


lower bowel injected, infested by insects

entering from the r*ct*m, eating to the lower body
reaching the scalped cuts, around the stomach
providing easy access, in morbid l*st
maggots seep in the womb

intestines and guts being devoured and consumed
fermenting tissues digested
rotting torso collapses
hollowed out, empty corpus

guts grinded, swarming around the lower bowel
eating, feasting of the vile
dilated abscesses bled dry, covered with excrements
urine smeared, cranio decorated


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