collisions lyrics – impurity of mriya

place your f*cking bets, f*cking ante up.
war of f*cking wars, buildings burning up.
sh*t has h*t the fan, what the f*ck is up?
everyone is dead, everyone is.. dead!.

buildings burning up. nothing will be.
a war for everyone, one so ever lasting.
everyday we are born, we adjust to slavery.
executing bravery, it’s a sentence we cannot escape.

everyday we are f*cking born, we *ssume slavery.
we pay the tab for everyone.

you don’t want them, you don’t let them live.
you don’t want them to return. [x2]
so f*ck them all.

monuments served as homes, bled before the slaves.
everything else, anything goes.
let’s begin

for all that’s sick, for all that’s died.
i will slay, i will fight.
according to me, god has died.
i will bleed, i will burn.

this is the day of the f*cking hostile,
after today i’ll be f*cking exiled.

this is the day………

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