clockwork: 90 day search for a suicide dress lyrics – unarmed for victory

i sense the mistaken calmness seeping through the
hope is wasted on horror, oh the misery
have we decided to leave the beauty?
i’m hand drawn in a picture of perfection
no sense in finding rest
no sense in finding nonsense

another day, another dawn, it’s all the same
it’s as if this road cannot find a curve
feel the burn of the silence dead upon your skin
why can’t anyone ever hear me scream!

we p*ss the time and we drift in shame
in a crowd, i’m just another name
mirror mirror, where has this child gone?
oh my god!
cure me of these haunting tribulations
i refuse to return to this b*n*lity
happiness has long held a breath,
i inhaled abject sensation
it’s time to exhale

i call it exactly as i see it,
this is cinematic.
let this finally be comfort.

i’m just another name

/ unarmed for victory lyrics