clip clop (ode to equus) lyrics – barnes & barnes

clip clop clippity clop
the horsey plods along
clip clop clippity clop
the horsey sings his song
when i was a little boy
how i did my trains enjoy
then one day my horsey came
nothing’s ever been the same
sometimes at the break of dawn
dew drops kiss the front yard lawn
horsey cooks me toast and eggs
and cracks the sh*lls between his legs
my horsey took the family car
drove down to the corner bar
tried to drink a trough of beer
got so drunk that he couldn’t steer
i love you horsey
what big eyes you have
we take hula dancing cl*ss
horsey wears a skirt of gr*ss
i’m so glad that he’s my friend
eenie meenie miney mo

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