clean breaks lyrics – dashboard confessional

i believe in clean breaks, i keep the old troubles away

but you’re making sure
i was lying when i said

“i can leave,
this behind”

i need you to ruin me
for this, finally,
’cause it’s burying me

now, i’m in these old knots
each move keeps me locked away

with each new embrace,
i have tied myself up.

more tightly,
into you

oh, but the more i fight
then the deeper i’m trapped
and i can’t break free of this hold that you have

and i crave you more
under the heat of your touch
and i need your skin

to ruin me
for this wicked town
where your ghosts are bound
to me

one last sacrifice
of this ritual escape

i was lying when i said…
“i believe,
in clean breaks”

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