circus of freaks lyrics – winterburst

come out and see
into this world that’ll soon be yours
into the circus fantasy
amongs magicians, clowns and lost infants

haunted by the memory
sadness, their sole chorus
childhood, dead still as a doll
in a world of putrid smell

they laugh to tears
as the elephants roar
despite their torn faces
their smiles carved forever

nothing here is the same
their shattered lives now gone
their shadows slowly tremble
on the great wader’s shoulders

the caravan’s now their sole home
no better, no worse
throwing their smiles away
leaving misery behind

and the carrousel spins
as those vultures who have haunted their days
hunched back by the torments
flesh gnawed by feces

seel clouds are crying tears aloud
keeping the dead souls torturer away
painfully tearing out their rusty nails
thrown carelessly to h*ll’s cerberus

come out and see
into this world that now is yours
give in to this sweet harmony
thou shouldn’t suffer again

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