cinderella’s mouth tastes like chicken lyrics – medea rising

with a twilling of an eye it’s done
you’ve settled the score
but does your conscience know something else as you
as you pretend
suck this f*cking wh*r*
suck this f*cking b*tch
a teardrop, crystal, flawless, perfect
shining like a star
from the deepest place of seas
arises from your eye
i feel some kind of pleasure
so take this f*cking razor,
and show some abstracts on your face
she likes to shine like a star for me
i set her carc*ss ablaze
she likes to shine like a star for me
i burned down her disease
come closer
ill take you in my arms
with hands on your throat
and take your last breath
come closer
and get down on your knees
i’ll free you from your disease
i’ll set you free
this distance is forlorn hope

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